Saturday, July 23, 2011


As I reflect on this last 8 weeks, I realize that I have learned some valuable skills. 

Going into the nursing field requires the ability to accurate report information, often times in writing. This course has helped me with punctuation, providing clear thoughts, and critically analyzing information. I also realize how important it will be to "get to the point," and refrain from adding unnecessary information.

The readings for this class were, mostly, enjoyable. The most moving piece of work, for me, was Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried." Most of the assigned chapters were well written, but most of all, his writing style was one I enjoyed. He kept things simple, while challenging the reader with very serious issues. Most of the poems under poetry of witness had the same effect. I enjoyed the fact that they were required readings, since these are not my normal genres of books. I felt like it helped me branch out on my reading and thinking styles.

The biggest challenge for me in this class was the types of readings that were required. I've never been big on poetry, and I've always had the "idea" that poetry should rhyme. When getting started with the poetry of witness pieces, I found it difficult to enjoy them. I also found it challenging to analyze them, and then write an essay about my opinion. I found that by reading the poems three or four times through helped me find a new meaning, or new opinion, each times. This was a very helpful technique.

My writing process has changed some since the beginning of this class. I love the phrase, "So what?" Every time I read it, or hear Mrs. Cline say it, it makes me laugh. I have, however, found that it such an important statement. So often, I find that I may write things that make sense to me, but when someone reads it, my voice wasn't clear. This has been added to my writing process; I'm constantly thinking, "So what?"

I found this website on writing quotes and thought it was another interesting way to view the writing process. I hope you enjoy it as well!

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  1. I like what you said about the Tim O’Brien Readings. I also really like the writing style he used In the book. The way he started each story was really interesting with all the background information to the story pieced together slowly it really captures the reader’s attention. Also In your paragraph about the poetry section you demonstrated how you learned the technique of reading and rereading that we learned in the first week on the good readers and good writers blog post assignment. Good Job!

  2. This class has made me learn a lot of new skills too. I agree that analysis was a very important thing to learn and to understand, it did tesch us to get to the point instead of writing in useless information. :) i also felt that the Tim O'Brien readings were very valuable, and were very good stories. Hope you have a good rest of the summer! :)

  3. I found that I resonated with what you said about asking the question "so what" after every line. I tend to write a lot of filler information, and so by rereading my paragraphs and asking that question I'm able to cut out a lot of dead weight and redundancy. It also makes it that much easier to have your essay focused on analysis instead of simple summary. Have a great rest of your summer!

  4. Hey
    I enjoyed your reflection, it was very clear. I like what you said about Tim O'Brien. I am also not a big poet reading so that was extremely difficult for me.. Good Luck in the Future